What to expect when you adopt a puppy from Claddagh Farm



Our puppies visit the Vet several times BEFORE you can adopt them.   They are  wormed, given shots and heartworm and a complete physical. 


All of our puppies are checked by the Vet within 5 days after their birth.  They will go through several more visits (depending on how many weeks old they are before they are adopted), receive additional shots and tests as well as checking weight and overall health condition. You will receive a "PUPPY PASSPORT," that has recorded Vet visits and medical records, and veterinary notes as to their condition.  You will have our Veterinarian's name, address and phone number for any questions you may have.


Our litters are registered with the AKC "before you adopt them" so you can name them and get your dog registered with a name you choose.   Our Puppies are also MICROCHIPPED for their protection and yours. If you should lose them, any vet can easily check for the chip number and find your information, then alert you they have your dog.


We give each owner a binder that we have carefully put together to give you and your puppy the best start possible.  Included are sire and dam registration and health information, information about the breed,  health tips, training tips and information about what Chesapeakes can do.  This is offered as a guide for the puppy owner and we have carefully added to the information over 25 years.   We offer this information in hope that this will give you some insight into what your Chessie is thinking:) 


We hope that you will keep in touch over the life of your Chesapeake, and even after.  A Chesapeake is a lifetime committment and even after your Chessie has crossed over you will think about them, have a good cry and laugh, and want to talk to someone about it.  We are here for our owners.  Call us, send us photos.  We love to talk about our "kids" and would love to hear about yours.   Many of our owners are second and even third time Claddagh Farm Chesapeake owners.  We want to keep you coming back for superior dogs so you can show other dog owners an example of a great Chesapeake.  We love getting pictures and updates on their hunting skills, swimming, dock diving, conformation wins, and any other disciplines in which your dog is participating.  Heck, we would even love it if you just sent a picture from time to time, just for fun.


Call us if you have any concerns about your puppy or if you just need some advice about behavior, diet, or training. We love to talk Chessie.  (803) 587-0971 Chuck & Shelly