A little bit about us.

We love our Vets


Veteran's Day Parade, our dogs, our banner, our work, is going to the VA to see our Vets in HOSPICE, PTSD, and general population, to visit and comfort them with our friendly hounds. 

HOPE Crisis response Teams Nationwide.


These teams go to disaster locations nationwide to assist in comforting people during disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, shootings.

Shelly gets to ride (sometimes)


Shelly loves to ride, whenever she gets the time off. 

In the arena having a good time.


This is Shelly's idea of how to relax. 

Shelly and Cocky


Blue Ribbons are nice but the fun getting them is the best. Cocky is a Champion and a HOPE Crisis  dog. 

Seamus at show.


Seamus is a Grand Champion Bronze as well as a Therapy Dog Team Member.

Our South Carolina Farm is where we enjoy our lives.

Giving comfort to people in highly stressfull situations is the teams job.


Taking people's minds off their troubles even if only for a few moments helps.

Sitting on a plane with mom, cool!


Hope testing is grueling at best for the teams. They have to be able to do anything without fear and Cocky's got it down pat. 

Shhhhh, I'm hiding so the ducks won't see me.


She was very good at hiding. She watched every move the birds made.

Our Farm is where our dogs can play after their job.


They can run 80 acres and play with the cats, horses and people. 

Jake and Yankee Holding Court


Our first breeding pair were the sweetest most caring Chessies.

Brim, Seamus and Cocky


We are trying to cover every color of the Chessie group here at Claddagh Farm.