we have a New litter born December 9, 2019 803-587-0971

I am a DARK MALE first born(I am so cute, right.)


I will grow to be a great show dog, retriever, and addition to YOUR FAMILY. Now, show me where the ducks are.  

I am the only MALE left in the December 9th litter. Hurry I will be ready to go home with you February 8-9, 2020.

I am the second male born. Don't wait, come Adopt me quick!


Fearless and friendly and so darned handsome. So, where's the lake?  Hey you!!! Yes YOU!  I am no longer available. Look to the left for my brother, he is still available. 

Sweet FEMALE So tired being born.


I am Girl that will make your heart burst with love. I will be going to someones home in February, will it be yours? SORRY I have been adopted also. 

These 6 GIRLS and 2 boys are looking for humans they can train to be good Chessie parents...


HELP... Get me out of here and take me home with you. I will be ready to leave in a few weeks to begin teaching my new parents how to Hunt, Swim, Run, Play Ball. Better call Claddagh Farm quick, before you miss me and the gang.  ONLY one male left from this litter. above second from the left. Hurry before you miss him. ;) 

Look at my beautiful offspring.


I went through a lot of trouble here to bring the best, brightest, sweetest puppies you will ever find anywhere. Don't wait too long before calling us, we may be gone soon.  ONLY 1 MALE LEFT as of 1/9/2020.

Thanks for adopting us. We're going to have FUN with you.


We are waiting very patiently for you to come and adopt us! Where are you? Hurry, we've got a lot of playing to do.  

Please call, text, or email us for our next litter date.  Don't forget, most of our pups are spoken for BEFORE they are born,  so don't hesitate if you would love to have one of our beautiful pups in the SPRING of 2020

Chuck and Shelly 

Claddagh Farm

(803) 587-0971