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Jumps are only one of our specialties.

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As of September 2013 you can have all the jumps show above "as a set" can be ready for you before the holidays

All of our jumps are made solid to withstand the weather and the abuse the horses will give them for years to come. The set above is over 4 years old and lives outside all the time.


All 12 of the smaller jumps shown above are made from 4X4 pressure treated lumber frames. Jumps come with cups and PVC Poles standard. Wooden poles are available also.

Unless otherwise requested, our large cross-country jumps will be made with 4" x 6" frames and full 2" x 6" boards or logs of your choice (if available in the locale specified). Each and every board is bolted into place (not nailed) You can have your choice of the lumber used (pine, oak, teak, fir, cedar etc.) and sizes range from, as small as you think they should be, to as large as you want them. Most of my jumps are on skids to allow you to move them to different locations and vary the course as needed. The types of jumps we make are only as limited as your imagination (or ours if you care to have us design them for you).

Your place or mine it makes no difference. Most jumps can be built on my site and shipped to you direct either fully assembled or in a kit to be re-assembled at your site. We will also repair your jumps on your site or you can ship them to us.

You can change from a training course to an eventing show course, private course or whatever you needs may be, we can make it happen for you. You can be the envy of all your friends when they come over to ride on your specially designed jumps that were made just for you.

These jumps can be one of a kind, or you can pick from many types available.

For more information you can email us "The WoodPyle" or contact us at..(803) 589-0971 ~ OR ~ 

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